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Our Commitment

 The Good Foundations name is committed to giving you an opportunity to explore, refine, and express yourself. Moving through the subdivisions of Good Foundations (Good Music Education, and Good Company Open Mics)  you will be able to experience all aspects of the music industry and properly prepare yourself to be successful in the pursuit of your passion.   


Good Music Education

  For individuals and groups looking to advance their music theory and performance skills. Good Music Education offers weekly lessons that will challenge you to get to the next level of your ability and prepare you for performance.  We are currently serving the GTA.

Photographer: Delyano Amet

Good Company Open Mics

 These open mic events will allow all artists to gain experience in the live performance atmosphere and make connections in the music community. Bring projects center stage and put them to the test in order to finally realize your dreams and move forward with your career.  

our team

Nate Graham



Vocal & Piano


Nate has always had a love for music. He grew up in a musical family which naturally lead him to playing in bands and becoming a music director. He has a passion for uplifting and encouraging others to reach their full potential.  

Angella Alonzi




Angella has always loved music, she performs in the Mississauga area regularly. She paired up with Nate Graham to start Good Foundations so that talented musicians can teach others who have a passion for music.

Kyle De Luca


Co-Founder & Event Director

Vocal & Guitar


Kyle has over a decade of experience playing lead and rhythm guitar, as well as years as a private music teacher. He’s been the front man and part of the supporting section of bands in the genres of: Rock, Funk, Soul and Jazz. His passion for helping others find their unique style and sound grows every single day.

Andres Pedret


Guitar & Sound

Online Course

Andres has over 10 years of experience as Technician for Live Events, specialized in Audio.

He has worked for many event production companies for various types of events, including corporate, galas, fashion, private parties, festivals, concerts and many more. Some of the artist I’ve had the privilege to work for directly:

Jully Black (Monitor Engineer/FOH)

Sarah Slean (FOH/TM)

Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company (Monitor Engineer)

Hello Beautiful (FOH)

Some Corporate clients:
Wella Professionals Canada

Steam Whistle Brewery

Nike Canada

Andres is working with GF Music to create online courses where students can learn from anywhere in the world. Stay tuned for what's in store. 

Natasha Meister


Guitar & Vocal


Born in London, Ontario, Natasha Meister started music at the age of 6. Singing in her local church and entering competitions lead her to the realisation that this was her passion and dream. With tons of performance experience on different stages, she captures audiences wherever she goes with her skillful guitar playing and powerful vocals. She plays a blend of blues/jazz/rock/pop music as a solo artist.

This singer/guitarist and also songwriter, has been a professional in the industry for over 10 years, performing all over the GTA and travelling from Toronto to South Africa.

Jossué Williams


Basic Guitar

Toronto-North York

Growing up in a country where salsa is really popular, as a kid Jossué used to be fascinated by realizing how many different sounds can be executed and assembled to produce a single melody. He's not a kid anymore but still feels the same fascination, specially for guitars. He's been playing since he was 14 years old, and has played different styles with different musicians. He finds teaching very rewarding - but learning is even more so. 

Grace Valera




Grace was born into a musical family, learning how to sing at the age of 2 and starting guitar around age 14. Born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, she has played an array of different instruments ranging from the flute to the cajon. In order to widen her musical experience, Grace has played in school orchestras, various cover bands, and church choirs, where she credits most of her influence, being an emerging leader in the St. Jerome 1030 choir. 

Grace's musical influences range anywhere from Five Finger Death Punch to Kendrick Lamar, and she has often cited musicals like La La Land, Rent, and Amadeus as her favourite movies of all time. As an aspiring songwriter, she is heavily influenced by the music of Frank Turner, Tori Kelly, and Dallas Green. 

Grace holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from York University, but manages to incorporate her knowledge into her teaching. She hopes that by helping students connect with their feelings, and by learning to appreciate the value of music, they won't just become better musicians, but better individuals as a whole. 

Vanessa Butera


Basic Piano


Music is Vanessa's favourite thing in the entire world! Singing gives her a great feeling of fulfillment. She is a York University graduate with a degree in English. Some of her passions include music, reading, writing, poetry, physical activity, and going to concerts. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion and knowledge with Good Foundations Music! 

Kyle Thompson


Poetry & Lyric Writing


 Kyle Sean Thompson is an artist, and so are you. And If you're already thinking "no," then you just don't know it yet. There's no point denying it, we are all born different, but what we share is a dream and the desire to create it.  

 Graduating from York University with a Specialized Honours Degree in English, Kyle uses poetry, music and the art of conversation to reveal the complex and changing world, bubbling beneath the surface of us all.  

 Each moment is a gift, so cherish it... cherish life and open your eyes...  for there is an artist in you, that is waiting to bloom, and the dream is yours to create."